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Creative Media Work

Take a stroll through my creative work, documentary projects and charity advocacy media.

Contact me for more information on rates, availability and strategy.

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Stiv is a multimedia storyteller and film maker.
He works as a Director, and DP, creating films and visual communication content for a wide variety of clients.

He has lived and worked in 10 countries around the world, creating media for clients such as:
KODAK Inc, the World Bank, UNICEF and the London School of Economics, and CURE Intn'l.
Stiv has a passion for using visual communication to help people and organisations find their voice and communicate effectively and strategically.
He has extensively studied the role of media and representation in developing nations and has worked for several years in advocacy documentary work and in overseas cultures.

Stiv is a strong leader who brings the best out of his team. He speaks several languages, and is both culturally sensitive and efficient and effective to achieve goals for the desired result.

He is confident in directing people and processes to tell the story, even in difficult climates.
To make contact, enquire about rates and availability or request a CV, use the contact form
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