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CV Summary

I have worked in Broadcast TV Production in - 
Unscripted Specialist Factual: Natural History | Science
 | Arts | Current Affairs

I have worked in TV Development in - 
Unscripted Specialist Factual: Natural History |
 Science | Arts | Current Affairs

Popular Factual | Documentary | Music Doc | Crime | Current Affairs | Expedition and Survival

I have worked in Independent Film in - 

Slaved (2016) // CineK

All's Well (2015) Trailer // CineK

I have worked in Corporate Media Production for - 

 Virtual Production (Unreal Studio) | Advertising/Marketing Content | International Corporations (ie. KODAK)

International NGOs (ie. The World Bank/UNICEF) | University Research | A Magic Circle Law Firm

Live Stream Sports Production


I have worked in Charity Media Production for - 

International Medical Charity | Fundraising Media Content | Financial and Socio-Economic Charity Documentary

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